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Everything today seems to be going online. From ordering groceries, to buying tickets to a movie or even sending the grandparents live video of the children’s school programs. It makes sense that as technology has improved that training also “go online”. The problem is that training has tried this many times over the last decades. First it was CBT (computer based training) which was basically you watching a video. That did work well for all students. What about those that need to ask a question? What if the instructor was moving too fast? Recorded training also means the examples, applications and discussions have to be more generic in nature.

 Well the good news is that is not how our Live by Wire Online Training works. Our classes are delivered over the internet with the instructor not only teaching but demoing as you watch. If you have two monitors you can easily see our instructor on one while having the software open and doing the exact same labs right along with them. Just like a traditional onsite training class. You can ask questions, either by microphone, telephone conference or typing into the systems chat window.

 Our instructors will talk with the class before starting. Asking the students what skills or objectives they have for taking the class. Also how they currently use the software. The Instructor will then be able to offer real world examples of how the product can help the student to achieve their goals.

 We are very proud of the work we have done to develop our Online Training presence. We hope you will sign up today for a class and give it a try. We are sure you love the experience.

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